Backyard Ice Rink Kit


Every Hockey Player Needs a D1 Rink Kit

Train using our super fast Glide Infused Self-Lubricated Synthetic Ice POWER TILES while shooting against D1 Tall (42″) Hockey Rink Boards.


  • 4 x D1 Glide Infused Self-Lubricated Synthetic Ice POWER TILES, which will cover 3.75’ x 7.00’ or 26.25’ square feet
  • 1 x D1 Tall (42″) Hockey Rink Board (42″ tall x 48″ wide)

Design Recommendation: 3 D1 Rink Kits will make 11.25′ wide x 7.00′ long ($1,440)If you add 3 more boxes of D1 POWER TILES ($672), you will have a nice 11.25′ x 14.00′ Shooting area that is fully covered with D1 Glide Infused Self-Lubricated Synthetic Ice and our Tall (42″) Hockey Boards to shoot against on your 11.25′ End ($2,112 total).

Added Bonus $$$

When you purchase your backyard ice rink kit, you will be eligible to purchase your full D1 Rink at our exclusive return customer discount rate.

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Backyard Synthetic Ice Rink - Lutherville, MD

Rink Kit

The D1 Rink Kit features:

D1 Glide Infused Self-Lubricated Pro Synthetic Ice

This exceptionally fast and smooth skating surface has minimal maintenance. Unlike other Synthetic Ice products that use spray-on additives for sliding properties, D1 Glide Infused Self-Lubricated Pro Synthetic Ice features low friction technology, which is infused directly into the material. This results in great glide properties without the need for messy, short-lived surface coatings or lubricants. It is also UV stabilized and inherently impact resistant to withstand extreme heat or cold temperatures, for durability and long life.

D1 Hockey Rink Boards

Finally! Real Hockey Boards! Easy to Use and Affordable!

D1 is proud to make available its Hockey Rink Boards. All D1 Hockey Rink Boards are made with a heavy duty aluminum frame and have the same dasher material you would find in regulation rinks with a BLUE Caprail, WHITE Dasher Face and YELLOW Kickplate. We provide rinks to a wide customer based, including families with Mini Mites and many current and former NHL players.

Additional information

Weight 85 lbs
Dimensions 43 × 49 × 6 in


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