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General Questions

+ Who is D1 Backyard Rinks?

We are the leading manufacturer of Synthetic Ice, Hockey Dasher Boards, Winter Ice Rinks and home ice rink related Accessories.

+ Where are D1 products made?

All of our products are made in the USA in our plant located in Saint Paul, Minnesota.  We ship throughout U.S. and Canada.

+ How do I get started?

Checkout Rink Builder.   We also have “live” D1 sales team members.  You may also send an e-mail to sales@d1backyardrinks.com.  Indicate your rink size and whether you plan to install the rink indoors or outdoors.  We will likely return a quote the same day.  From there, we will work together to finalize the details of your order.

+ What is the lead time?

Lead times fluctuate. Though we are typically are in a position to ship your order within a few weeks after receiving it.

+ What if I have a unique size and rink configuration?

Not a problem!  We LOVE providing custom solutions.  We build hundreds of standard boards during the year.  It’s a healthy change of pace for us to build custom rinks and provide unique/detailed solutions. In addition, we don’t typically charge an extra free to make a few custom boards here and there.

+ How do I get the best price?

MAKE A QUICK DECISION.  We offer an incentive to those customers ready to pull the trigger.

+ How does shipping work?

We ship throughout U.S. and Canada.  Sales tax applies to Minnesota residents only.
D1 Synthetic Ice Panels - 3/8" x 43" x 95" D1 Backyard Rinks – All Season Hockey Dasher Board 42″ x 48″

D1 Synthetic Ice

+ What is D1 Synthetic Ice?

In plain terms, D1 Synthetic Ice is a plastic material.  The density and rigidity of the Synthetic Ice and its textured surface, when coupled with lubricants, creates a surface akin to real ice for skating purposes.

+ What is the difference between D1 Synthetic Ice and Natural Ice?

The sensation of skating on D1 Synthetic Ice is the same as natural ice.  The strides, stops, turns, etc. use the same technique.  However, skating on Synthetic Ice requires about 10-15% extra effort, which makes it a great tool for training and developing an explosive skating stride.

+ Will a hockey puck slide the same on D1 Synthetic Ice?

Yes, a hockey puck slides and moves very well across D1 Synthetic Ice.  The expected feel of the puck on the stick is about 95% of natural ice.

+ Can regular skates be used?

Yes, of course.  Some players have a 2nd pair they use specifically for their synthetic ice training, as the synthetic ice will dull the skates more quickly than natural ice.  D1 Synthetic Ice will NOT damage your skates.

+ What preparation is needed before the Synthetic Ice installation?

A hard, flat surface is required.  A cement slab, wood platform, asphalt, patio pavers, crushed rock are each viable sub surfaces on which to directly install D1 Synthetic Ice.

+ Can Synthetic Ice be installed on grass?

No, D1 Synthetic Ice cannot be installed directly on grass.  At a minimum, a cement slab or wood platform will need to be built to provide the adequate subflooring above the grass.

+ Will I need any special tools to install a Synthetic Ice rink?

A 4 pound rubber mallet is required to pound the interlocking dovetails together to lock panels into place.  If cutting is required, a circular saw will be needed.

+ Can Synthetic Ice be used in above and below freezing temperatures?

Yes, absolutely.  D1 Synthetic Ice may be used year long in the extreme heat and sun of the summer and the bitter cold of the winter.

+ How often do I need to clean a Synthetic Ice rink?

D1 Synthetic Ice requires very little cleaning.  Simply keep the ice free and clear of debris.  D1 Synthetic Ice will require cleaning with “green” agents after numerable skating sessions.  Cleaning intervals may increase if there is heavy usage.

+ How often will I need to resurface the Synthetic Ice rink?

D1 Ice doesn’t require resurfacing per say. Should the ice become dirty or full of debris, simply broom sweep the surface and mop it with regular soap and water. A floor scrubber may also be used, but is not required.

+ Do I need to build a roof over a Synthetic Ice rink if it is outdoors?

No. D1 Ice possesses a UV Stabilizer additive, which protects the ice from the sun. Rain water or snow will not affect the performance of D1 ice. In fact, water helps to clean the ice.

+What is the expected lifespan of Synthetic Ice?

D1 Synthetic Ice is expected to last at least 6-8 years on the initial side of the panels.  For extended life, simply flip over the D1 Synthetic Ice panels.

+ Does Synthetic Ice have a warranty?

D1 Ice offers the following warranties:

D1 Synthetic Ice (1/2″):      3 years

D1 Synthetic Ice (3/8″):      1 year

+ When is the best time to install a Synthetic Ice rink?

There is no particular time of year better than others for installing D1 Ice.

+Is it possible to expand the Synthetic Ice rink at a later date?

Yes, additional panels may be purchased and easily connected with an existing rink system.

D1 Dasher Boards

+ What are the dimensions of the D1 Hockey Rink Boards?

We offer a Tall (42″) Board and a Short (24″) Board. Both the Tall and Short Boards are available in 4′ sections, along with Rounded Corners and a Gate.

+ What are the boards made from?

D1 Hockey Boards utilize a 2″ aluminum frame. They feature a BLUE Caprail, WHITE Dasher Face and YELLOW Kickplate. These are the same materials that make up boards found in most regulation ice arenas (Note: a 6″ frame is common for regulation rinks).

+ How sturdy are the D1 Hockey Rink Boards?

VERY. We have several current and former NHL players that use D1 Hockey Boards in their homes. We also have a number of commercial facilities using our products. The boards will withstand heavy slapshots, but they are NOT designed to cushion a heavy body check.

+ Will the boards warp or flex with temperature changes?

No. We use a computer cut (slotted) hole when we fasten the dasher material to the aluminum frame. This allows the dasher material to grow and shrink with thermal changes and prevents warping or puckering of the dasher material.

+ Do the Boards ever break?

Not yet. We make thousands of boards each year and we have yet to have one break once installed.

+ How are the D1 Hockey Boards Anchored?

We have 4 anchoring options:

Mounted – the boards may be mounted directly to any flat surface (wall, beam, post, etc.). This anchoring option is used mainly for indoor installations where the boards are intended to “butt up” against walls.

Staked – the boards may be staked into the ground using the D1 Kickers. The D1 Kickers bolt to the middle (24”or top of the boards and come down to the ground at a 45 degree angle resting 26″ away from the backside of the boards.

Weight – when mounting or anchoring is not an option, the boards may be weighed down by adding the D1 Base Kicker. The D1 Base Kicker attaches to the bottom of the board and connects with the D1 Kicker up to 26″ away from the backside of the board. This is the most common option for installations when penetrating the sub surface is not an option.

Lagged – the boards may be secured with the D1 Anchor Plate (4” x 6”). The D1 Anchor Plate has 2 holes ½” diameter and sits 10″ behind the boards. We recommend lagging at least 2” into any hard flat surface, but no more than ½” from the bottom of the depth of the sub surface. This option is used for permanent installations.

+ Will I need any special tools to assemble the D1 Hockey Boards?

The following tools are required to install the D1 Hockey Boards:

Wrench or Socket Set – to be used for tightening the Bolts and Wing Nuts

Cement Drill – for Lagging the Anchor Plates

Drill – for Wall Mounting

Metal Mallet – for driving Board Supports into the ground

+ How long will it take to install the D1 Hockey Boards?

A general rule of thumb is that it will take 2 persons approximately 5-10 minutes per board.

+ What is the Warranty?

D1 Hockey Rink Boards come with a 1 year product warranty.

D1 Liners

+ What is the quality of D1 Ice Rink Liners?

D1 Ice Rink Liners are made from a heavy 6 mil tri-layer poly with ripstop reinforcements to prevent tearing or zippering.

+ What size Liner do I need?

We suggest you oversize your Rink Liner by at least 5′.  For example, if your winter rink is 30′ x 60′, we suggest you purchase a rink liner that is at least 35′ x 65′.

+ How many years will my D1 Ice Liner last?

D1 Ice Rink liners have been known to last 2-3 years. The cost to replace a rink liner is nominal. D1 recommends replacing your rink liner each year unless you are 100% certain the liner is free from holes and tears.

+ Will the Liner cause any damage to my lawn?

If the ice rink liner is removed immediately after the ice has thawed, damage to the lawn will be minimal.

+ How do I order my Liner?

The best way to order your Rink Liner is online. Click here to order.

+ When will I receive my Liner?

We process all Rink Liner orders the same day. The Liners are then handcut and shipped out next day with FREE Shipping.

+ How does Shipping work?

We ship D1 Ice Rink Liners throughout U.S. and Canada.

Rink Liner