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Why D1? With so many manufacturers to choose from, why us?

Handmade in St. Paul, MN
Perfect for Indoor & Outdoor use
United States & Canadian Shipping

Real solid hockey products made for real hockey people

We sell thousands of hockey boards and synthetic ice sheets each year with a loyal customer base.

While our hockey boards are our specialty, we go even further by manufacturing and selling our extremely high quality synthetic ice. This allows us to offer complete hockey rink solutions to our customers in any environment, tailored to any need.

We are also fanatical about quality! Every time we produce a batch of synthetic ice tiles, we follow a rigorous test plan to ensure the artificial skating surface meets our ice skating standards.

Quality is our obsession. Our team is made of high quality people making high quality products.

We will support your rink installation until the last tile has been laid down or hockey rink board has been installed. We are a very responsive organization, here to provide superior customer support by phone, email, and even text!

We feel the thousands of satisfied D1 customers to date speak for themselves.

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