Synthetic Ice for Hockey Training At Home | D1 Backyard Rinks


A year-round way to lace-up the skates and take to the rink


About Our Synthetic Ice

Realistic Skating Experience

D1’s artificial ice makes it feel like you are skating on natural ice, while its slightly increased resistance helps develop stronger hockey starts and stops, strides, cuts, and turns.

Low Maintenance

D1’s artificial ice is manufactured with our glide solution infused throughout the entire synthetic ice tile, eliminating the need for messy, short-lived surface coatings or lubricants. Simply install the synthetic ice tiles and start skating.

Indoor or outdoor

Tested in both extreme heat and freezing cold environments, D1’s artificial ice is UV-stabilized to protect against the sun and is resistant to impact (chipping) when exposed to cold temperatures.

Who Buys d1 synthetic ice?
  • Homeowners…to make garage, basement, and backyard rinks for year-round use
  • Hockey Associations & Arenas…for their dedicated training areas
  • Coaches…for specialized group and individual training
  • Camps & Clinics….for large and small group instruction
  • Park & Rec Centers…for public rinks
  • Fairs & Special Events…for public rinks
Custom Design:
Shipped to New Jersey
Size: 20' X 40'
Combo Boards with
Synthetic Ice
Custom Design:
Shipped to Grand Forks, ND
Size: 80' X 80'
Outdoor Rink
With Tall Boards
Custom Design:
Shipped to Twin Cities area, MN
Size: 16' X 16'
Shooting Lane
With Tall Boards & Synthetic Ice