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Frequently Asked questions

Who is D1 Backyard Rinks?

We are the leading manufacturer of hockey rink products including Hockey Boards, Synthetic Ice and Ice Rink Liners.

Where are D1 products made?

All of our raw materials are sourced in the U.S.A. 

Product fabrication, assembly and shipping is performed in our facilities in Saint Paul, Minnesota. 

We ship our rinks throughout the U.S. and Canada.

How do I get started?

Checkout Rink Builder.  You may use this easy to use tool to design your rink and receive an immediate price quote.

We also have “live” D1 sales team members available on our Live Chat.

You may also send an e-mail to Indicate your rink size and whether you plan to install the rink indoors or outdoors.

We are a very good about responding the same day. From there, we will work together to finalize the details of your order.

What is the lead time?

Lead times fluctuate. Though we are typically are in a position to ship your order within a few weeks.

What if I have a unique size and rink configuration?

Not a problem! We LOVE providing custom solutions. We build thousands of standard boards during the year. Also, we don’t typically charge an extra free to make a few custom boards here and there to make measurements work for our customers.

How do I get the best price?

MAKE A QUICK DECISION. We offer an incentive to those customers ready to pull the trigger.

How does shipping work?

We ship throughout U.S. and Canada. Sales tax applies to Minnesota residents only.

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