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Ice Rink Liners

Quality, Durable D1 Ice Rink Liners
  • D1 Ice Rink Liners are made from heavy 6 mil tri-layer with ripstop reinforcements to prevent tearing or zippering.
  • Hand-cut and available in 24, 32, 40, 50, 60 and 65 foot widths.
  • Custom widths of 80, 100 and 120 feet are available and may be cut to any length in 5 foot increments.
  • Easy Online Ordering.
  • FREE Shipping.
  • Ships within 24 Hours.
Backyard Winter Rink
Ice Rink Liner
24’ Length Rink Liners
Ice Rink Liner
32’ Length Rink Liners
Ice Rink Liner
40’ Length Rink Liners
Ice Rink Liner
50’ Length Rink Liners
Ice Rink Liner
60’ Length Rink Liners
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Assembly Instructions
  • Stand in the center of one end and roll the Liner down the rink.
  • You will need at least 5 of extra Liner on each end and side. For example, we recommend a 40′ x 70′ liner for a 35′ x 65′ rink.
  • Adjust the Liner length as needed.
  • From there, unfold the Liner so it reaches the sides of your rink.
  • When applicable, use the D1 Winter Kickplates to fasten the Liner to the D1 Hockey Boards.
  • Be sure the Liner is bunched up where the Hockey Board meets the ground. This will allow the Liner to adjust with the pressure of the water.
  • After all of the Winter Kickplates have been installed, you may cut the excess Liner to complete the finished look of your rink.
Ice Rink Liners
What is the quality of D1 Ice Rink Liners?

D1 Ice Rink Liners are made from a heavy 6 mil tri-layer poly with ripstop reinforcements to prevent tearing or zippering.

What size Liner do I need?

We suggest you oversize your Rink Liner by at least 5′. For example, if your winter rink is 35′ x 65′, we suggest you purchase a rink liner that is at least 40′ x 70′.

How many years will my D1 Ice Liner last?

D1 Ice Rink liners have been known to last 2-3 years. The cost to replace a rink liner is nominal. D1 recommends replacing your rink liner each year unless you are 100% certain the liner is free from holes and tears.

Will the Liner cause any damage to my lawn?

If the ice rink liner is removed immediately after the ice has thawed, damage to the lawn will be minimal.

How do I order my Liner?

The best way to order your Rink Liner is online. Click here to order.

When will I receive my Liner?

We process all Rink Liner orders the same day. The Liners are then cut by hand and shipped out next day with FREE Shipping.

How does Shipping work?

We ship D1 Ice Rink Liners throughout U.S.A. and Canada.