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For Independent Associates

Does It Get Any Better?

D1 has created a way for you to earn some extra cash, discounts on D1 Products and even a FREE D1 Rink!

Current Focus: D1 POWER TILES

  • D1 POWER TILES are great for setting up shooting pads/lanes & for smaller/lighter use synthetic ice training areas (300 sf or less).
  • Use a top any hard surface (the driveway, garage floor, basement, basketball courts, tennis courts, gym floors, wood deck or stone patio).
  • Rip shots while you practice your cuts, stops and turns on the D1 POWER TILES!


How You Benefit?

There are multiple ways to benefit through our Individual Associate program:

  • Per Box Commissions – for every box of D1 POWER TILES you sell, you will earn $15.00.
  • FREE Shipping – your customers save $35.00 per box with zero shipping when they purchase from you.
  • Added Incentive – when you achieve certain sales volumes, you will be eligible for the following:

For 50 Boxes Sold = 10% discount on any D1 Rink of your choice

For 250 Boxes Sold = FREE 20′ x 40′ Winter Rink or FREE 15′ x 23.25′ Shooting Lane

For 500 Boxes Sold = FREE 18.75′ x 38.75′ Synthetic Ice Rink or FREE 40′ x 80′ Winter Rink

For 1,000 Boxes Sold = FREE 37.50′ x 77.50′ Synthetic Ice Rink

Example Pro Forma:

Let’s say you sell 100 families:

    • The average # of boxes purchased is 3, which equates 300 boxes sold

    In this example, you have earned $4,500 from box sales ($15.00 x 300 boxes) + your choice in a FREE 20′ x 40′ Winter Rink ($6,300 value) or a 15.25′ x 23.25′ Shooting Lane ($6,600 value).

    Your Total Benefit: $4,500 cash + another $6,300-$6,600 in a FREE D1 Rink

    If you are interested in our Individual Associate Program, please contact us @ 855-355-3131 or email sales@d1backyardrinks.com.

    We look forward to working with you and supporting your goals!

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